• Management Consultancy
    Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy

Business Planning commences with an understanding of

  • Business and the risk appetite of the client (Stable business growth v/s early profitability).
  • Available capital
  • Any specified focus areas

A high-level list of activities for business planning includes the following

  • Define the target customer segment
  • Research the potential across geographies
  • Review the competition
  • Define the products to be offered and corresponding processes
  • Define manpower, systems and infrastructure requirements
  • Build a detailed financial plan – Debt and Equity planning.

Taxation and compliance support

  • Identifying the data / information needs for conducting the due diligence
  • Analyzing the data and identifying the potential pool for acquisition
  • Identifying the sample for verification of physical file, property valuations and title documentation
  • Conducting the due diligence for the sample identified
  • Building a portfolio valuation model to construct the projected cash flows and the profit and loss account for the pool identified for acquisition.
  • Designing Product policies
  • Developing Underwriting norms for different customer segments
  • Developing CAM (credit Appraisal Memo) to standardize income assessment and eligibility calculations for different products and customer segments.
  • Developing formats (Personal discussions, Policy checklists, disbursement checklists etc.)
  • Build process flows to suit  the geographical spread, infrastructure, systems and manpower
  • Define data capture requirements and build MIS templates
  • Audit of  accounting norms, for Retail Finance companies to assess the quality of  underwriting and adherence to policy /processes
  • Property valuation audits – conducting cross-valuation audits for identified properties
  • Review of the policies and processes – identify gaps if any and suggest best practices
  • Review of collections infrastructure and efficiency
  • Review of portfolio / process MIS and identifying risks and need for policy / process amendments.
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